The Holy Grail of Ecommerce Engagement: Interactive Content

Interactive content is writing that is informative, helpful, and entertaining to the target group you are hoping to attract. It should inspire the consumer to make a final sale. As a marketing strategy, it’s also cost-effective and impactful to your return on investment (ROI).

In theory, interactive content is something that companies can create at any given time. It takes minimal resources to launch a blog or create a product guide. Still, the content needs to be thoughtful and strategic about your approach as consumer attention spans are short. Additionally, consumers often have high standards for what they’re reading, watching and interacting with. Here are some types of effective interactive content:

  • Infographics
  • Polls and surveys
  • Assessments
  • Quizzes
  • Interactive books and white papers

Popular Interactive Content

Consumers tend to respond best to infographics. They are much easier and more interesting to read due to the graphics. Data is presented in a pleasant way. Sellers can create one with free or affordable software available online or they can hire a writer and graphic designer to produce more complex, high-end infographics. Showing versus telling (of your product) makes a definite impact with consumers. Remember, no customer wants to read a 30-page report on your product but will browse through similar the information on an infographic.

Polls and surveys are also popular because they are fun to read and give people the opportunity to contribute their opinions. Consumers like to give their opinions on a product. And you should listen as it can provide valuable information on customer expectations.

Interactive content does a much better job of engaging those who consume it, and generally converts much better. Ordinary content makes people see your brand the same as others. It is hard to stand out from your competitors if you’re creating the same posts. Interactive content has a greater chance of being liked and shared by consumers. This in turn helps develop brand loyalty because people come to see you as an expert in your niche. When you gain a customer’s trust, sales can increase.

There is no doubt that content is powerful when used properly. And as powerful as content is, it’s also tough to do right. You always want to make sure that your approach is optimized to drive product interest and sales.

Content continues to be extremely valuable for online sellers. The content on your site is what your customer will rely on when browsing through your site. Interactive content might well be the future of digital marketing. After all, whatever keeps people on your site for longer periods can boost the chance your content will go viral and you might see a significant increase in site visits and, of course, increased sales.