Connecting with us is as easy as 1,2,3.

We are directly integrated with the world’s leading shopping carts and e-commerce platforms. You can connect to us in minutes. Alternatively, use our API’s and connect to any platform and never have to manually transfer files again.

Choose from one of the 4 options below:

NPFulfilment integrates with more than thirty of the leading third-party shopping carts, payment gateways, and accounting packages. So the chances are, whether you use Shopify or Magento, Netsuite or QuickBooks, we’ve got you covered. And this streamlining of your different platforms means you’re finally free to stop wasting your valuable resources trying to run multiple systems independently. Because with NPFulfilment, we help you get back to doing what you do best – growing your business.

Existing Connections

(just plug in and start shipping)

Custom Connection: Use our APIs to integrate with your platform

Spreadsheets / CSV Files

Data entry of orders online

We are directly integrated with the following shopping carts, e-commerce platforms & accounting packages

As new orders for customers are added in your e-commerce platform they are automatically synchronized and pushed to our internal Fulfilment System.

Integration using our API

Our API is a highly-integrated application that meets the service levels, data privacy and legal requirements of our clients.
When you decide to work with our API, we give you our technical specifications so your developers can create the integration module between your online platform and our system. NPFulfilment’s API consists of a unique core data management engine that together with a number of connectors, pull, push and transform data to or from your external systems.
These features eliminate manual data entry and repetitive import/export processes, improving the accuracy and management of data in your organisation. This also saves resources and time by removing the need to operate disparate data systems, web/cloud or local applications.
For example, fully automating a classical e-commerce business system can take 15-30 minutes to be configured. The automation NPFulfilment provides can reduce hours and hours of monthly work to minutes or even seconds of reviewing the results of the automation.
At any point in time every system has the most up to date information with no risk of any of the involved systems containing out of date details.

Integration via Spreadsheet type files

Send us your order files in CSV and Excel file formats. Usually there are export features on various shopping carts and accounting systems that give you the ability to extract this information. You can email the details of the orders or alternatively the files with orders can be placed on to our FTP server for enhanced security reasons. Please contact us to discuss the details of this option.

Direct Data Entry Online your Orders

Our web based logistics platform allows you to data enter your orders or to manually create one off orders in our system. You will be able to select items, carriers and any other special requests. You will see the status of your orders as they are processed and shipped to your customers – real time.